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Michelle Lewis
Executive Director

Life After High School

This toolkit is a guide containing strategies, tools and resources for families of youth with disabilities to assit in creating successful transition plans for life after high school.

Click here to download the Toolkit .pdf file

Click here to download a .pdf flyer on preparing for an IEP meeting about transition for high school.


Thanks for your support!

Thank you to Bank of New Hampshire and to everyone who voted for us for the Bank Of New Hampshire's $1000 donation! This funding will help support our mission in assiting NH families.


RtI Modeule

Schools are committed to helping all children succeed. One of the ways schools help children who are struggling to learn and need additional support to be successful is using Response to Instruction (RtI).

Parents and caregivers working together with the school, with your child's educators is important. Being proactive, being involved with your child's education is important to prevent issues from arising. Please take this 25 minute module to learn more about RtI and what to do if you have questions.

Welcome to the Parent Information Center of NH

The Mission of the Parent Information Center is to guide and encourage families in supporting the unique learning potential of their children, including children with disabilities. The Parent Information Center is committed to the belief that:

  • PIC LogoParents make the difference
  • All children can succeed given the right support
  • Every child is worth our investment
  • Children do best when schools and families work together in partnership
  • As children grow they can take increasing ownership of their education and future

The Parent Information Center (PIC) and its various grant programs address a variety of key issues in order to help parents support their children’s success in school and in life. These issues are described in the panels below, which include links to the various programs, and to their services and resources.


Thank you to all of the participants, sponsors, and presenters who helped make the Parent Information Center and NH Family Voices Partnering for Strength Conference a success. Over 140 attendees (and over 20 youth) were present and participated in a number of workshops focused on collaborating with families, schools, communities and youth to support children with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

A special thank you to our gold level sponsors


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Parental Involvement in Education

The Parent Information Center is a recognized leader in building strong family-school-community partnerships in both regular and special education.  Parent involvement is key in all of PIC’s programs. 

To learn more about parent involvement in the special education process, click here. 

For general resources on how to become more involved in your child's education, click here (note: the PIRC program has ended but materials will continue to be available for reading and download).

Special Education
Since 1975, the Parent Information Center has been supporting families who have a child with a disability. 

To learn more about the special education process, click here.

To learn strategies school districts are using to engage families in special education, click here.

Reading and Language Development

(Note: the PIRC program has ended but the links below will continue to be available for reading and download.)

For workshops and resources around helping your child birth-5 to learn to talk, read or write, click here.

To learn more about our Early Literacy Volunteer program, click here.

For workshops and resources around helping your school-age child to strengthen their literacy skills, click here.

No Child Left Behind

(Note: the PIRC program has ended but the links below will continue to be available for reading and download.)

The Parent Information Center of NH helps parents and schools work together to address student progress and achievement under NCLB. For more information about NCLB, click here.

Click here to download our latest workshop calendar. (PDF)  Please note: in case of inclement weather, when Concord School District is closed the PIC office will also be closed. For more information, call 224-7005.  If you would like a personalized workshop in your town, or school please contact us.